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You Were Spiraling [Dec. 15th, 2006|05:54 pm]
Spiraling Fans


Does anyone own the You Were Spiraling discs besides the Hello CD? Does anyone know if they're ever planning on reissuing them? I would do pretty much anything to get my hands on these.

[User Picture]From: giggleloop
2006-12-16 10:03 pm (UTC)
I have the "Hello Recording Club" CD too, but they still have copies of that for sale, as far as I know. I bought it when I saw them in... 2005. You might want to email either Tom or Bob and see what they still have for sale. I know that Delusions of Grandeur isn't available, because I asked Bob about it, and he said he doesn't even think he has a copy of it anymore.

FYI, the self-titled one is the one I have, it's dated 1994 and the tracks are:
a wave of your hand
highway confrontation scene
limited wish
self, displaced(i:theme)
ii:bad news
the warmest corner

The track list for the Hello Recording Club cd is:
1. Your New Boy
2. Is That the Last Glass of Water?
3. Crisis @ 92 Credits
4. Marching Band
5. Tony Williams
6. No Transformation Here
7. Blues For Orange
8. If You Were A Word

If you'd like, I can send Tom & Bob emails thru MySpace and see if it's okay if I burn the self-titled for you, and Delusions of Grandeur also (if you want it). I'll come back here and let you know.
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