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spiralingfans's Journal

Spiraling Fans
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Starting Sunday 3/9/03, every Sunday at 9 PM EST, Spiraling Fans (this is created by the fans, the band itself isn't necessarily involved or in attendance) are going to hold a chat on AOL/AIM in private room "The Connection". For details/questions/concerns - email me. The structure of this chat is based on that of TMBG's "Cowtown" chat, and we thank Mike (TDK) for his help in teaching us the ropes on that one.

The New Jersey-based quartet Spiraling (keyboardist/vocalist Tom Brislin, bassist Bob Hart, guitarist Marty O'Kane, and drummer Paul Wells) gained national exposure with its self-produced independent release Transmitter.

Critical and public response to the album was immediate and enthusiastic: hailed as "an instant classic" by The Aquarian Weekly, it attracted the attention of no less than The New York Times, among a host of other national publications. Most had a hard time pigeonholing the group's dynamic, synth-infused modern rock sound, though none could deny its appeal. On the strength of tracks such as "(Get Your Own) Holy Grail" and "(I Don't Want to) Grow Up", the disc was soon placed on rotation on college and commercial stations across the country, including New York's Q104.3 FM and 92.3 FM K-Rock.

The past year has seen Spiraling make further breakthroughs in alternate media, as the group has become a fixture on XM Satellite Radio and AOLRadio@Network. The band's music was also featured in CNN and NY1 television news segments focusing on Emusic.com's Emusic Live, a new service that allows concertgoers to purchase live recordings of a show almost immediately after it ends. Spiraling was one of the first bands chosen to participate in the program, and quickly became one of its biggest sellers.

Of course, it is on stage that Spiraling is at its best, and the group has spent much of the past year on tour, winning over audiences from Maine to Texas to California. Over that time, the group has developed a reputation as one of the East Coast's best independent bands, a status confirmed by featured spots at the South by Southwest and CMJ music festivals, as well as high-profile gigs with marquee acts such as OK Go, They Might Be Giants, Violent Femmes, and Rooney, at venues including the Bowery Ballroom and Irving Plaza.

Buoyed by this success on the road, Spiraling returned to the studio in 2004 with a renewed focus. As Brislin explains, "We definitely wanted our follow-up to Transmitter to evoke more of the power and energy of the band's live show, so we decided to concentrate on capturing intact performances rather than just recording parts." To accomplish this, the band set some pretty strict standards for itself: the basic tracks for the new EP were to be recorded live in the studio, with as little overdubbing as possible. Honed by the previous year's touring experience, the group nailed down most of the tracks in one or two takes.

What results is Challenging Stage, arguably Spiraling's most compelling and kinetic effort to date. While it showcases the sophisticated songcraft and airtight musicianship that the group's fans have come to expect, Challenging Stage finds Spiraling rocking with a new sense of determination and verve.

Along with the four tracks included on the EP, the group also recorded an explosive remake of The Cars' classic "Bye Bye Love," which will appear on Not Lame Records' forthcoming Cars tribute album, due out in September 2004.

For more information, please visit www.spiraling.net.